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Setting up a Web World Plus Pop 3 mailbox account using Outlook Express


Top level domains only (mydomain.com) - not applicable to sub-domains (me.webworldplus.com)

We will be happy to set up mailbox addresses for our clients....please email tech support to request setup.

Note: Your pop3 email account will not function if you have the same email account using the forwarder. Please advise your Webkeeper of existing forwarding addresses to be deleted.

On your Windows computer:

Switch now to the GENERAL tab.

On top tabs, switch to "SERVERS".

You should NOT need to do anything to the remaining categories (Connection, Security or Advanced)

OUTLOOK: Close the program then reopen to activate.

Test your email. Send yourself an email from Outlook Express.

Repeat this procedure for additional accounts. Please check with your webmaster for the name and number of mailboxes on your account.


1.) If you have problems, please start at the top, checking off each step to be sure you have not missed one. Then try again.
2.) If the login window pops up when you try to "send", make sure you have your complete email address as the login/user. (e.g. support@webworldplus.com).
3.) Let me know if you continue to have problems.

You can Google for tutorials if this one isn't suitable for you.

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